The brainchild of two passionate creatives, Berenford was born out of the pure desire to create a range of limited artisanal pieces inspired by the old world glam. Debuting with a capsule eyewear edition, Berenford aims to re-invent classic styles from the historical memory by giving them a modern point of view. It all started by discovering an old stylish suitcase, while renovating a villa in Cannes. Inside it there were letters, notes, mementos, and photographs, some still in their antique frames, representing various chapters of the glamorous life of someone called Sir Berenford. A heroic pilot of the Royal Air Force during World War II, in the 1950s he became one of the real icons of Café Society in its period of greatest splendour of the worldly and the extraordinary glamour. Revisiting the beau monde’s scene, the creatives got fascinated and inspired by the romanticism of the past. A throwback to a time when modern celebrity was still shaping itself and the “International set”, as Ian Fleming once called them. From those memories came the idea for Berenford’s decadently chic line, infused with a worldly, eclectic panache.


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