All of Berenford’s products are handcrafted in Italy with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality. Attention to detail is at the heart of our philosophy. Quality and precision are our number one priority. We strive for outstanding workmanship and uniqueness. Our eyewear pieces are handcrafted in a small family factory in Veneto, home to highly experienced and skilled artisans. It is only there in the Italian Alps, that you can find the tradition of handcrafted fine eyewear that has been passionately preserved over generations. Each pair is produced with the highest quality materials, Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate and ZEISS lens, carefully designed according to the principles of beauty. Our eyewear case is made of soft veal leather sewn by hand, accompanied by a silk cleaning cloth pochette, hand-sewn in the oldest Milanese camiceria, where historic figures as J. F. Kennedy and Gianni Agnelli were making their tailor made shirts.

Craftsmanship, unmistakable quality, innovative but always functional design, is Berenford’s hallmark. Berenford is, more than ever, a refined, signature understated elegance and timeless beauty, featuring state of the art design. All of Berenford’s unique characteristics are due to a strong bond between creativity and artisanal tradition. Our eyewear models stand out for their clean and essential lines, revived from the history with their unique style, trying to make the perfect blend of elegance and innovation. Our eyewear pieces are part of the historical memory. We do not seek any virtuosity of form, but to recreate something essential and evergreen. We love a classical, clean design style, where the keyword is ‘removing’ not ‘adding’. Our aim is to render an object beautiful by pruning away anything extraneous or unnecessary, including metal embellishments and logos.

“We are inspired by the synchronicity of colonial and local traditions, by the romanticism of the past…”
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